Solar panels embedded in the stained glass provide the water power


















 The Aeolian harp such as the one mentioned in Homer's Odyssey is an instrument that is hung outside, often from a tree, and is played by the motion of wind across the strings. This sculpture has many taught wires distributed within the structure which allows a continuous flow of sound to emminate whenever a breeze is detected. This way of presenting ambient music is used to enhance ones state of being, and is heard in a very different context to the concert hall or private chamber music recital. Ambient music has arisen recently out of many diverse roots in music and the arts, and has implications that are varied and interesting because they overlap with so many fascinating concepts in art, science and philosophy.

Another route to ambient music is to think of music history as a whole as a progression of gradually widening the sonic possibilities that are permitted within the confines. After the octaves and fifths, more and more intervals became acceptable:- fourths, thirds, sixths, etc. which progressed all the way to twelve-tone music in which any interval is equally acceptable.                               Obviously, all this progression is still firmly within the linear concepts of notes with discreetly defined pitch and starting time. The obvious progression from these linear systems is to fractals, from finite information storage to infinite. This property of fractals comes from their recursive definition, which means that although a fractal is usually defined mathematically by a very small amount of data, the fractal that this data represents can be literally infinite in detail. It is the principle way our brains relate to the universe (as the universe consists mainly of fractal objects), hence fractal based music make perfect sense to our minds.                                                    

                                                                                                                                                         The image below shows an early Aeolian Harp design in the old castle at Baden Baden